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French Canadian Roots and Branches

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The family history on my side is rooted in French Canada including Lower and Upper Canada, New France, and Acadia.

Samuel de Champlain, a French colonist, navigator, cartographer, draftsman, soldier, explorer, geographer, ethnologist, diplomat, and chronicler made between 21 and 29 trips across the Atlantic Ocean.

He founded Quebec, and New France on July 3, 1608.

Champlain prepared several maps of New France, most of which he explored himself.

This map is amazing because of the map making techniques of hachured hill symbols, and vegetation and settlement symbols, and also because of the concepts of western and northern geography he presented.

Our Ancestors

Antoine Labelle Family
Key gateway ancestors.

Key gateway ancestors.

Identify this uniform?

Do you know about the uniform his son is wearing in this photo of him and his sisters?

Erin and Stuart Blythe
Our darling children.

Our darling children.

A vintage view of Erin and Stuart.

All of these years of research have been to provide Erin and Stu with knowledge of their family history.

Keefer Family
A key branch of our tree.

A key branch of our tree.

Who were Christian Keefer's parents?

I haven't found a connecting source, and so my belief that his parents were Anthony Kieffer and Sarah Shillingford is speculative.

Gummeson Family
Sweden to Canada.

Sweden to Canada.

Swedish roots in North American soil.

The Gummesons immigrated to the United States, then Canada, on the promise of land for settlement and cultivation.

Edward I 'Longshanks'

"Hammer of the Scots"

So nicknamed for his attacks on Scotland.

His brutal reign included attacking Scotland, fighting in a crusade, subduing Wales, and building many castles in North Wales.

Roch Manitouabeouich
Abenaki Royalty

Abenaki Royalty

Dad's tales of an Indian princess in the family are true.

We are directly related to Roch Manitouabeouich, an Abenaki Chief, through his daughter and son. I guess Dad hadn't heard about the son?

Coel Hen ap Tegfan
Old King Cole

Old King Cole

Fairy tales and nursery rhymes can be based on fact.

Such is the case of the nursery rhyme and song, "Old King Cole" - which we are all familiar with from our childhood.

Erik 'Blood Axe'
King of Norway

King of Norway

Erik ensured his succession by murdering his brothers.

Erik was treacherously murdered at Stainmore as a result of the betrayal of Earl Oswulf.

Our Favorite Genealogy Quotes

We hope you enjoy them!
  • Why waste your money looking up your family tree? Just go into politics and your opponents will do it for you.
    ~ Mark Twain
  • Everyone has ancestors and it is only a question of going back far enough to find a good one.
    ~ Howard K. Nixon
  • We've uncovered some embarrassing ancestors in the not-too-distant past. Some horse thieves, and some people killed on Saturday nights. One of my relatives, unfortunately, was even in the newspaper business.
    ~ Jimmy Carter
  • Southerners are so devoted to genealogy that we see a family tree under every bush.
    ~ Florence King
  • My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was sixty. She's ninety-seven now, and we don't know where the hell she is.
    ~ Ellen

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