Transcription: In Memoriam for Jean X. Roy.

The following is my transcription of the In Memoriam for Jean X. Roy upon his death. In loving Memory of Jean X. Roy Died December 21, 1979 PRAYER O GENTLEST Heart of Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament, ever consumed with burning love for the poor captive souls in Purgatory have mercy on the […]

The benefits of storing your DNA for future use.

Assisting with legal issues, future comparison for accuracy, investigation of family histories, and verification of paternity and maternity are only a few of the benefits of storing your DNA for future use. by Christopher Tisch As of June 2013, it has been legal for law enforcement officers to obtain DNA samples from people who have […]

Who’ulda Thought Headstone Hunting Could Be Such Fun?

Although my husband and children all enjoy hunting moose, headstone hunting is about as far as I’ll go. About six years ago, we decided to take our one and only big family vacation – a three week driving trip from central Ontario to Acadian territories in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Although this was a […]

Quidi Vidi Village
US WWI Draft Registration Card for John MacPherson
Whitcomb Burials
pass through brick wall

Chris Hadfield and Benedict Cumberbatch are cousins?

To coincide with the return of Commander Chris Hadfield from the international space station, has announced that he is 6th cousin to british actor Benedict Cumberbatch who is starring as the villain in Star Trek Into Darkness. Chris Hadfield’s role being based in reality, Benedict Cumberbatch’s based in fantasy, they both explore the frontier […]

Access to FBI files is possible with

Ever wondered how you can get information about a family member who my have been investigated in the past? A new website for accessing federal investigation files called can now help – at least with federal investigations. No matter what the reason for the investigation is, major crime, murder, smuggling, you can search. There is […]

Symbols of Metis
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DNA results: Leicester parking lot remains are those of Richard 3rd.

The remains found under a parking lot in Leicester are indeed those of Richard III. The identity was confirmed by tests conducted comparing DNA from the remains and those of Richard III’s nearest living relative, Michael Ibsen, a Canadian who descends directly from Richard III’s sister Anne. Richard III is 1st cousin, 24 times removed […]

DNA Solved Mystery for the Child of the Last US Soldier Killed in Vietnam

On Friday, the family of John O’Neal Rucker gathered with Tia McConnell and her husband Allan and their two boys Matthew and Quentin at the Veterans’ Memorial at Linden’s courthouse to honor her newly discovered father. Tia had been an orphan in Da Nang, and was adopted by Karen and Jack Whittier of Colorado after […]