Bingo with a Pink Ribbon

Review of the Pink Ribbon Bingo game

Many bingo and gaming websites, at least on the surface, don’t seem to have a strong charity bent, at least not in the traditional sense. These websites are all about generating as much money as possible—both for the users who spend their nights gaming and for the website’s proprietors who want to make as much money as possible. In fact, there’s nothing really wrong with it; capitalism isn’t a very destructive force in the world unless someone comes along and rigs the system in their favor.

In spite of this, we’ve frequently believed that it would be wonderful to see a little more generosity and giving shown by the websites that we frequent. Many are making significant profits for the big unknown, faceless people behind the scenes, while many more charities are suffering from a lack of financing, despite the fact that they are both very important problems to solve and tremendously deserving of support. Pink Ribbon Bingo, on the other hand, is a total oddity in this setting – a full bingo site that also aspires to give something back to society by donating money to a very, very important beneficiary.

Consider the color pink.

It’s safe to say that the Pink Ribbon in question is now well recognized around the globe as a symbol of the battle against breast cancer. This is one of the most serious public health issues we are currently facing, and while it is true that this is one of the diseases that is constantly in the news, the fact that other conditions do not have their own bingo donor should not detract from the good that is being done by Pink Ribbon Bingo for this particular cause.

Now that we’ve established the ethical point, let’s move on to the actual site. When the homepage loads for the first time, it’s clear that this is a site of the “all-singing, all-dancing” sort. Alternatively, maybe all-flying should be used. An upbeat, cheerful lady is shown in the primary picture, who is dressed in a superhero costume with the famous Pink Ribbon imprinted across her breast. In the backdrop, little animated elements bring the scene to life and draw attention to the shimmering gold sign that says ‘Deposit £10, Play With £30’, as she seems to be taking off. It’s a crowded, but well-designed sight to see, and one that we’re rather taken with as well.

Advantages and Benefits

There are four box outs underneath all of this, each of which advertises a distinct selling pitch. The first, and possibly the most significant, is a link to the website of a breast cancer charitable organization. You will be transported straight to the cause’s website, where you can learn more about the essential work being done to try to, perhaps, one day defeat the illness by clicking on here. Then there’s a link to one of the Progressive Jackpot games, which you may click on to play. Following that, you’ll find a link to Promotions, which you may click on, and then a link to Free Games.

We’re quite delighted with all of this information since it instantly makes it evident that you are not required to play bingo at this establishment — there are other games available. When you consider the fact that you can also see that there are alternatives to play for free, it becomes immediately apparent that there is a lot going on on this website. We haven’t even finished with the study of the webpage yet.

In the section below those box outs, you’ll find three more – one of which indicates that there is an ongoing Refer a Friend bonus, which is always wonderful to have. Another table to look at is the Free Bingo Specials & Free Bingo table, where you can see when the games are set to begin and what it will cost you if you want to participate in them. Finally, there’s a Featured Games box that, on a rotating basis, promotes games that are proving to be especially popular throughout the community. The general idea is that there is a great deal of detail in this piece, and it is all the better for it.

Playgrounds are a great way to spend your time.

It goes without saying that every visitor to the site is here to play a game of some sort, regardless of the genre, and we’re pleased to report that when you select the Games menu tab from the row of options at the top of the homepage, you are presented with a fairly comprehensive breakdown of the types of games that are available. Before you sign up for an account on so many other websites, you are given absolutely no indication of their unique material, which we have always found to be really aggravating. The sign up process is always simple, but perhaps not that lightning fast, and so to go through the entire thing only to then find out you’re not that bothered about the games you have to choose from is really frustrating. Basically, it was a complete waste of time and effort.

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