All things history and genealogy.

All things history and genealogy.

Concerned citizens use genealogy to connect Jewish heirs with compensation for family property lost or destroyed in WWII..


I love genealogy.

I get so much pleasure and satisfaction from the small breakthroughs that are part of the pursuit of genealogy. This, however, is surely nothing compared to the self-worth and satisfaction felt by those who use their knowledge and experience in genealogy to track down the heirs to compensation for the lost or destroyed property and belongings of their ancestors at the hands of the Nazis.

Can you just imagine how it must have felt to be the one to have sent Cati Holland the email notifying her that she was entitled to compensation from Germany for the store her grandparents had owned.

I learned of her story from this article on the website, and it has inspired me.

Genealogy is such a personal pursuit and it was so wonderful to hear of the hobby possibly having a much broader implication, helping people who may very well have not known they were due anything at all.

If I were approached to help with such a pursuit, I would not hesitate to volunteer as much time (and as much money as I could afford) as is necessary.

These are the stories I like to hear.

photo credit: warein.holgado via photopin cc

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