All things history and genealogy.

All things history and genealogy.

DNA optics: seeing more clearly into the past than ever before.

DNA optics: seeing more clearly into the past than ever before.

Another post about DNA and related discoveries?

Bering Strait land bridge DNA
Map of gene flow in and out of Beringia. Colors of the arrows correspond to approximate timing of the events and are decoded in the colored time bar. The initial peopling of Beringia (the region depicted in light yellow) was followed by a standstill after which the ancestors of the Native Americans spread swiftly all over the New World while some of the Beringian maternal lineages (C1a) spread westwards. More recent genetic exchange (shown in green) is manifested by back-migration of A2a into Siberia and the spread of D2a into north-eastern America that post-dated the initial peopling of the New World.

You bet. DNA news seems to be breaking increasingly more frequently as time goes on.

I recently found the news about the discovery through DNA that first peoples and asian peoples are definitely linked via DNA from the skeleton of a 12 to 18 month old boy discovered during construction on private property. The cause of the boy’s death is undetermined at this time.

Artifacts found buried with the boy were those of the earliest known native North Americans, in existence approximately 13,000 years ago – the Clovis people.

The determination of the origin of the young boy and the artifacts was made by comparison with other tools and artifacts from across North America.

The DNA analysis confirmed the boy was related to East Asian and Ancient Siberian people, confirming the oral tradition of many first nations people through the generations.

This discovery provides the first definitive DNA evidence of the long held theory that native people of the Americas descended from those who crossed the once existing land bridge across the Bering Strait, connecting Asia and North America.

It’s amazing to see how as we discover more and more about the minutia of what at first assessment is our enormous world, it actually appears considerably smaller through our blood and DNA connections.

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