US WWI Draft Registration Card for John MacPherson

Access to FBI files is possible with

Ever wondered how you can get information about a family member who my have been investigated in the past? A new website for accessing federal investigation files called can now help – at least with federal investigations. No matter what the reason for the investigation is, major crime, murder, smuggling, you can search. There is […]

Copying and transcription errors.

Transcription: Obituary for Camille Vachon

The following is a transcription of the French text of an obituary for Camille Vachon.   VACHON, Camille À l’Hôtel-Dieu de Lévis, le  20 juin 1990, à l’âge de 83 ans et 10 mois, est décédé monsieur Camille Vachon, époux de dame Marie-Anna Boily. Il démeurait à Sts-Anges. La famille recevre les condoléances à la […]

Julie and Alfred Young photo
Rochester History, Henry O'Reilly
Keefer, Christian W. and Mary A
Newburyport, MA; Old South Church
Alanson and Mitty Adams.
Gannett newspapers are to be digitized
Scales and weights of a viking trader.
Little Red Schoolhous; Maple Shade, Burlington County, NJ; built in 1811