All things history and genealogy.

All things history and genealogy.

Quality of Data

This database is my genealogy research in its entirety and is an ongoing process. I spend an average of four hours a day researching sources to verify data.

I have been researching genealogy for over fifteen years and you will note that I classify all sources by quality. If it is a poor quality source it is clearly indicated as such.

I have received some criticism for my database being so large, stating they believe it is not possible to have accurate data when working with that many individuals. Note however, that at four hours per day minimum over more than fifteen years, the total of hours I’ve invested in this effort is at least 21,900 – essentially researching five individuals per hour. This is not unreasonable and I’m still working hard at it.

It is common for there to be gaps in data and sources and in these cases I will use the individual anyway and either leave sources blank (indicating no sources found) or will clearly indicate source quality. It is up to the person using the data to use the information as classified.

I continually search out sources and documents to verify data and improve on substantiation. I have made some of my best discoveries using unsourced data as a starting point and I would hate for those clues to not be available.

This site is an effort to provide open, free sharing of genealogical information. However, all information is only as good as the sources cited.

I will gladly make corrections to data providing the information provided can be substantiated by the submitter with a source.

Please feel free to submit any correction requests, but I can only change it if a better quality source than I’ve already used can be provided.

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