The following is my transcription of the North Somercotes, Lincolnshire Parish register for 1721-1722; Lincolnshire Marriage Index.





24 Aprill Edward Saul & Elizabeth Olin
27 Aprill Thomas Skoopham & Elizabeth Crosby
May 1st John Tharot & Sarah Riggal
Wm. Kirke Vicar

Cning for the year 1722

June 20th Joseph the Son of Thomas & Elizabeth Collingwood.
Septembr 22d Sarah the Daughter of James & Mary Bagby.
Decembr 15th Henry the Son of Robert & Elizabeth Tull.
January 12th Anne the Daughter of John & Frances Store.
February 10th Richd the Son of James & Mary Grason.
Febraury 15th John the Son of James & Susanna King.
February 16th Thomas the Son of Robert & Anne Johnson.
March 2d Thomas the Son of Thomas and Sarah West.





March 18h Mary the Daughter of Wm. & Mary Green.
March 24th Eleanor the Daughter of Arthur & Mary Tyson.

Marriages for the year 1722

Aprill 9th Wm. Pitchell & Mary Joyce
July 26th Thomas Horby & Marriot Camplin.
August 26th John Haborgson & Mary Smith
Septembr 13th Edward Dawson & Frances Physick
Decembr 19th Charles Douse & Eleanor Cooke
Novembr 14th John Barton & Hannah ?imsdale
Decembr 24th John Willoughby & Bridget Barrett

Burials this year 1722

April 17th Anne the Daughter of James & Mary Grason.
July 14th Anne the Daughter of Edward and Mary Leach
July 18th Wm. Harrison


Horby, Thomas and Chamlin, Marriott; Lincolnshire, England; 1732 marriage.
Horby, Thomas and Chamlin, Marriott; Lincolnshire, England; 1732 marriage.