John Bevan was the 12th great grandfather to my children. He was born 1646 in Treverigg, Llantrisant, Glamorgan, Wales, and was one of five children of Evan ap John (1600-1665) and his wife Jane ferch Richard (born 1645).


John Bevan's Signature
Signature of John Bevan (ap Evan).

According to “Merion in the Welsh Tract”, the Bevan “family of Treverigg was one of the most ancient in Glamorgan, and possessed considerable wealth for that day. The Bevans descended in the direct male line from the ancient Princes or Lords of Glamorgan, whose lineage is traceable for many generations back to the old Cymric Kings of the Island of Britain.”

His parents having died while he was very young, John inherited their very large estate, his brothers and sisters being excluded from the inheritance. Being a man of conscience, he provided for his brothers and sisters from the inheritance.

Treverigg Meeting House
Meeting house built by John Bevan on his estate in Treverigg.
Barbara Bevan's Signature
Signature of Barbara Bevan.

In 1665, at the age of 19, John married Barbara Catherine Aubrey (1637-1710) and became a Minister of the Society of Friends in Wales soon after. He built the Friends’ Meeting House on his estate in Treverigg, Glamorgan.

Over the next fifteen years, they had six children:

  • Jane Bevan (born 1667) married John Wood of Darby in 1687.
  • Evan Bevan (1674-1720) married Eleanor Wood of Darby in 1693.
  • Katharine Bevan (born 1675)
  • Lady Ann Bevan (1676-1723)
  • Elizabeth Bevan (born 1678) married Joseph Richardson of Philadelphia in 1697.
  • Barbara Bevan