All things history and genealogy.

All things history and genealogy.

Thousands of photos from Washington and Oregon are now indexed and available.

This is the kind of news I love to hear. More records are being made available to genealogists and researchers – in this case photos from Washington and Oregon!

In all my thirteen years researching genealogy, both for myself and others, I’ve found that there is no feeling like that of discovering long lost photos (at least to me). I have managed to find photos by browsing other researchers’ and family websites and museum archives, through emailing other researchers, and through contact from commenters on my own blogs.

Photos from Washington and Oregon.
Photos from Washington and Oregon.

Although it is unlikely that I would find any photos relevant to my research because of the geographic location, it is of note that the Washington State Genealogical Society has recently announced that they are making available a photo collection indexed with over 65,000 names. These photos were taken by three Washington and Oregon photographic studios.

Although the sets are identified by only the person paying at the time, other names of those in the photos were frequently noted by the photographer and all of these names are indexed.

The photos in the collection are identified by type:

  • Family
  • Family gathering
  • Couple
  • Wedding
  • Individual
  • High school
  • Church
  • Military
  • Business
  • Organization

Check out thee searchable indexes and if any of those indexed are of interest, just contact the Columbia River Exhibition of History, Science and Technology by telephone at 509-943-9000 or by email to

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