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Transcription: 1564 will of Thomas Blyth of Louth, Lincolnshire.

Transcription: 1564 will of Thomas Blyth of Louth, Lincolnshire.
The following is  my transcription of the 1564 will of Thomas Blyth of Louth, Lincolnshire, England.

In the name of God Amen.

The xxvijth Daye of ffebruary in the year of our Lord God a thousand five hundreth sixtie and four I Thomas Blyth of Louth ??????? draper ???? in boddie and parfecte in remembrance doth ordaine and maketh my laste will and testamente in manner and form following. First I bequeath my soule to God almightie my only creator and ?????? and my boddie to be buried in the Church or Churchyarde ?????? ?? shall please God to call me to I give and bequeath to the pore people of sssssss sssss shilings and ?????? pence. ???? give to ye poore people of Thorneton three shillinge and ?????? pence.

Item I give to the poore people of O??ersby five shillinge. Then I give to the reper????? of the Cathedrill Churche in Lincolne si? pence.

Item I give and bequeath to Elizabeth my wife fortie pounds with than half parte of my household and my new cupboard in the ????? parlor only ??????.

Item I give and bequeath to Edward John William and Jonathan, my sonnes to ???? out of them twentie pounts. And if it please God that any of my sonnes decease before they be of the age of xxj yeres, than my will is that the parte or parts of them for deceased shalbe evenly divided amongest the bretheren that livest.

Item my will and my ??? is that Edward Blyte my sone shalbe kept three yeres at Lo?oth or some other good scoole of my ????, and if his ?????? think it be apte to take l???ing, than my will is that he shall goe to Cambridge for ??? yeres his twentie poundes will disthan?e ??ym.

Item I give and bequeath to Elizabeth and Grace my daughters either of them twentie poundes, and if either of them dye before they be married, then my will is that her parte that is dis????ed be equally divided betwixt Edward Blyth and John my sonnes, and the daughter that lyveth. And if they both dye, than my will is that my foure sonnes aforesaide shall have it ????? ??????? them.

Item I bequeath to Catheren my daughter fortie pounds and my will is that George South shall have the order of her, to before as he shall ??????? mete for her proffitt.

Item I doe require my brothers George South, Patrick Blyte and Will Blyth to be helpers and aff??????? to myne Executor in all his needes and ?????? and for these payments I doe give ????? ????? of them one olde ??yere.

Item I doe require and ????????? ? ????? ??????? to be the supervisor of this my last will and for yis payment I doe give hym fortie shillings.

Item I give and bequeath to my younge master William after fortie shillings and I ???? ?????? requiring hym to be good in???? my ?????????? children the residue of all my goodes my debts payed and funerall expense deducted I give and bequeath to Thomas Blyth my oldest sonne, ??????? ?????? the sole Executor of this my last will and testament provided alwayes that if uppon the ???? of my goods my debts beinge payede and my funerall expense deducted, that it shall appe?? that myne Executors ?????? shall not amounte to the ??ere valu of fortie poundes then my will is ???? ??????? my daughter shall abate of her legacie before written to the valu of f????? poundes and every childe to abbate for morhe of theire portons at the saide ?????ing ? ????? my ???? ?????? ?onth shall declare equally by theire dis????ons. ?oe that my full meaning is that my Executors parte shalbe fortie poundes. And my will and mynde further is that my saide Executor shall not declare noe will uppon my goods that were myne during three yeres ???? ????ing this present daye except he be married.

And then if it shall soe come to passe that myne E????? shall disease within the saide three yeres, then my will is that ??????? my saide wife, yf the ?? ???ing shalbe the sole Eecutrix sholde have had ??? ?? ha?? lyved, the saide three yeres ???? whereas I am indebted ?oute the children of my late brother Thomas ??????? in certaine somes of monney my mynde and will is that forte poundes thereof shalbe payed on to the handes of the saide George South ymmediatly after my disease, uppon ? dis??????? and the rest to be payed within three yeres, if they per????? any ?????????? in my saide Executor and yf my saide Supervisor and my brother So??the think my saide Executor to ?????? in  his fulfillment, then they be theire dis??????? to ta?? ????? as my saide brother ?????????? children maye be affirmed uppon theire ???? ymmediatly. In Witnes hereof onto this, my last will and testamente I have subscribed my name with my ????? hande in the presense of Thomas Otleye, Davide Johnson, Lawrence Troydall, and Willm Baylye, and Christofer Willinson ????? George So??the provided always, that yf it shall fort??? either that my wife shall marry, or my sonne Thomas to marrie, or that they cannot ????? that then and ymmediatly after ????? marriage or disagreemente that my wife shall have my lease of my farme in ???saye for the terme of ten yeres that ?? ???????? ????????? hath promised me in the same.

Probatum (continues in Latin… unable to read or translate)

Transcription of the 1564 will of Thomas Blyth of Louth, Lincolnshire, England.
Transcription of the 1564 will of Thomas Blyth of Louth, Lincolnshire.



As you can see by the strings of question marks above, I had trouble transcribing several words. If you know any of the missing words or phrase, please do comment with them and I’ll update the transcription.

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