Transcription: Caleb Shreve; Abstracts of New Jersey Wills.

Transcription: Caleb Shreve; Abstracts of New Jersey Wills.

The following is my transcription of pages 432 and 433 containing Caleb Shreve; Abstracts of New Jersey Wills.


Caleb Shreve was 9th great grandfather to my children.





1748, June 10.     Shivers, Samuel, of Rackoon Creek, Gloucester Co., yeoman. Guardian to Henry Bickham (19 years and upwards), son of Richard, late of Gloucester Co.     Bondsman–Beckman Loyd, of same place, yeoman.     Gloucester Wills, 638 H.

1733, Sept. 22.     Shoals, Humphrey, of Essex Co. Int. Adm’x, Hannah Whitehead, single-woman. Henry Haynes and John Styles, fellow bondsmen.     Witness–John Ritchie.     Lib. B, p. 468.

1733, June 20.     Shores, Jonathan, of Newark, Essex Co., an orphan about 16 years of age. Bond of Samuel Harrison, Esq., as guardian. Eliphalet Johnson, fellow bondsman.      Witness—Jno. Broughton.     Essex Wills. 769-71 G.

1733, June 20.     Shores, Peleg, of Essex Co. Int.     Adm’r. Samuel Harrison. Samuel Pelrson. of Newark, fellow bondsman.     Lib. B, p. 421.

1744, Oct. 18.     Shorten, Archibald, of Burlington Co., laborer. Int.     Adm’r. John Grey, of Newton. Gloucester Co., farmer.     Bondsman–Jonathan Axford, of Waterford, said County, farmer.     Burlington Wills, 311 C.

1750, May 9.     Shotwell, Abraham, of the Borough Of Elizabeth. Essex Co. Int.     Adm’rs. Peter Shotwell, the son and Henry Baker, principal creditor.     Thomas Skinner. Jun’r, fellow bondsman.     Lib. E. p. 397.

1732, Dec. 21.     Shotwell, Daniel, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., yeoman; will of. Daughters–Mary, Martha, Susannah, Elizabeth and Margaret. Real and personal estate.     Executors–sons Joseph, John and Abraham.     Witnesses—Martha Caisson, Sissell Sarjant, Jno. Sarjant.     Proved Jan. 30. 1735.     Lib. C, p. 66.

1743, Oct. 31.     Shotwell. John, of Woodbridge. Middlesex Co., yeoman; will of.     Wife, Lydia.     Children–Johanah Stelle, Elizabeth, Lydia, Mary, Prudence, John, Benjamin and Joseph.     Land bought of John Ayres.     Executors–son-in-law. Benja. Stelle, and friend Edward FitzRandolph.     Witnesses–John Clarkson. Jonathan FltzRandolph. Benja. Stelle.     Proved Feb. 14, 1745-6.     Lib. D, p. 361.
1745-6, Mar. 6.     Inventory of estate of “John Shotwell. who departed this life Nov. 16, 1745,” £176.9.6; made by Joseph FitzRandoIph and Jeremiah Drake.

1735, April 5.     Shreve, Caleb. of Mansfield, Burlington Co., yeoman; will of.     Wife, Sarah.     Sons–Benjamin, Thomas, Joshua, Caleb, Jonathan and David.     Daughters–Mary Gibbs and Sarah Ogburn.     Son- in-law, Benjamin Scattergood.     Granddaughter, Sarah, dau. of son Joshua. Goods bought at Preserved Brown’s vendue. Real and personal estate.     Executor–son Benjamin.     Witnesses–Thomas Newbold. Barzlllal Newbold, Nathan Richardson, Robert Bland.     Proved Feb. 18. 1740.     Lib. 4. p. 267.

1746, Oct. 22.     Shreve, Caleb, of Springfield, Burlington Co.; will of.     Wife, Ann.     Children–Amos. Amy (wife of Josiah Gaskill), Rachol, Mary and Caleb. My cousin, Isaac Gibbs, living with me. I leave to my brother, Benjamin Shreve, whom I appoint executor and guardian of my children. Real and personal estate.     Witnesses–Benjamin Carter, Robert Webb, Isaac DeCow, medius.     Proved Dec. 10, 1716.    Lib. 5, p. 291.

Transcription: Caleb Shreve; Abstracts of New Jersey Wills.; page 432.

Transcription: Caleb Shreve; Abstracts of New Jersey Wills.; page 432.433

1746. Dec. 6.     Inventory, £194.18.10 1/2; made by Barzillal Newbolil an«l John West.

1740, Feb. 23.     Shreve, Thomas, of City of Burlington, innholder; will of.     Wife. Elizabeth. Children—Mary Hillbourn, Hannah North, Elizabeth Tylee, Thomas, Caleb and Martha, the latter being yet an infant. Brick dwelling house on Hight Street now in tenure of my son-in-law, James Tylee. Other lands and personal estate.     Executrix–wife, and sons Thomas and Caleb to assist their mother.     Witnesses–Daniel Bacon, Fretwell Wright, Hugh Hartshorne.     Proved July 14, 1747.     Lib. 5, p. 362.
1717, Aug. 22.     Inventory. £213.8.2; made by Rowland Ellis and William Lyndon. Includes silver watch, bond of Charles French, bill of Charles Tonkin, judgment against Capt. Thos. Farmer, and “moneys rec’d from the Treasury as Serg’t-at-Arms. £126.8.5.”

1734, Nov. 23.     Stekles, Abraham, of Piscataway, Middlesex Co., yeoman; will of.     Children–Abraham. Jacob (minor) and Mary Thickston. Real and personal estate.     Executrix–wife, Elizabeth.     Witnesses–James Campbell, William Clawson, Tho. Broderwick.     Proved Dec. 19, 1744.     Lib. D. p. 208.

1749, Oct. 9.     Siddon, John, of Township of Deerfield, Cumberland Co., yeoman. Int. Adm’r, Zadok Thompson, Fellow bondsman–Mathew Parvin. Both of same place.     Cumberland Wills, 30 F.

1732, Oct 25.     Siddon, Mary, of Town and County of Gloucester; will of.     Sons–Henry 15 shillings) and Joy (to have 18 acres of land and meadow purchased of Thomas Sharp).     Daughters–Sarah, Hannah (executrix) and Jane.     Witnesses–John Gray, Sarah Kay, John Kay.     Affirmed 27 Nov. 1735.     Lib. 4. p. 44.
1735, Nov. 20. Inventory. £31.8.0; made by Jn. Hinchman, Jno. Hinchman.

1748, May 16.     Sill, William, of Gloucester Co., guardian of William Sweetin (under 21), son of Andrew Sweetin of said County, deceased.     Gloucester Wills, 403 H.

1746, Sept. 13.     Silverthorn, Oliver, of Bethlehem, Hunterdon Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Mary. Sons–John,. Thomas and George.     Executors–wife, and son William.     Witnesses–Thomas Silverthorn, Edward Rockhill, Anne Rockhill.     Proved Nov. 1, 1746.     Lib. 5, p. 284.
1746. Oct. 25.     Inventory (£119.07,04) includes sundries in old log house and cooper shop. Made by Edward Rockhill and Robert White.
1748. May 12. Account. Mentions Kemp and Palmer. Ganet Vanwagenen, Doct’r Eduard Stevenson, John Bodine, Joseph Applegate, Andrew Reed, Charles Clark, David Martin, Sheriff, Bartholomew Kelsey, Robert Coborn, Joseph Parks, Samuel Hill, John Mullen.

1735-6, Jan. 10.     Simkins, Ruth, of Cape May Co.; will of. “By these Presents do cull off all former wills or deeds and appoint my son, William Simkins, sole executor and heir to all my moveable estate.”     Witnesses–Elizabeth Crowell, Hance Hamilton, Wm. Hamilton.     Proved 1 June, 1736.     Cape May Wills, 90 E.
1735-6, Feb. 16.     Inventory, £8.17.6; made by Ebenezer Newton, Elisha Hand.

Transcription: Caleb Shreve; Abstracts of New Jersey Wills.; page 433.

Transcription: Caleb Shreve; Abstracts of New Jersey Wills.; page 433.


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