Transcription: Marriage Cerificate for Irenée Aucoin and Marguerite Girroir.

Transcription: Marriage Cerificate for Irenée Aucoin and Marguerite Girroir.

Below is my transcription of the marriage certificate for Trenée Aucoin and Marguerite Girroir.


Trenee Aucoin and Marguerite Girroir.
Marriage certificate for Trenée Aucoin and Marguerite Girroir.



Date and place of Marriage:  22 May, 1872, Arichat, Co. Richmond
How Married ; by License or Banns:  By Banns
Full Name of GROOM:  Irenée Aucoin
His age:  28 years
Condition (Bachelor or Widower):  Bachelor
Profession or trade:  Farmer  Shoemaker
Residence:  Cheticamp
Where Born:  Cheticamp
Parents’ names:  Christopher Aucoin & Rachel Lelievre

Their Profession:  Farmers

Full Name of BRIDE:  Marguerite Girroir
Age:  27 years
Condition, (spinster or widow):  Spinster
Her place of residence:  Arichat
Parents’ name:  Tranquille Girroir & Charlotte Cheney
Their profession:  Sea Captain
Witnesses’ names:
Denis Cousin
Euphresine Girroir
Signatures of parties Married:
Trenée Aucoin
Marguerite Girroir
Officiating Clergyman:  I. A. Theerien Pst

Denomination of Clergyman:  Roman Catholic

I Certify that the marriage of the persons above named was duly celebrated by me at the time and place, and in the manner, stated in this slip.
(SIGNED)  I. A. Thierien, Pst

Officiating Clergyman

This slip to be filled up by the Clergyman and returned to the Issuer of Marriage Licenses when the Marriage is celebrated by License.

When the Marriage is by proclamation of Banns, the Clergyman may either return it when filled up to the nearest Deputy Registrar, or if more convenient, he may send it in an unsealed envelope to the Secretary of Statistics, Halifax, who will transmit him by return mail his legal fee of 25 cents for each slip.

Clergymen will be particular in no case to neglect sending in this wlip within ten days after performance of marriage ceremony.

JOHN COSTLEY, Sec., Board of Statistics

1 Marriage Banns
Arichat Richmond to
April 20, 1872

Rev. I A Thierien

Entd : 7 Jul 1872
[???] 70 [????]


Richmond – 1872
Aucoin, Irenée
Girroir, Euphrosine


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