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Transcription: War of 1812 US Army Register of Enlistments; Adams

Transcription: War of 1812 US Army Register of Enlistments; Adams


The following text is my transcription of the War of 1812 US Army Register of Enlistments, 1798-1914, listing some with the surname of Adams.


US Army Register of Enlistments, 1798-1914, Page 4, 'A's.
US Army Register of Enlistments, 1798-1914, Page 4.

51:  Adams, Abijah, Private

Organization:  30 US Infy; Captain Spencer; Col. Elias Fasset

Description:  5’10” or 5’9”; blue eyes; brown hair; dark complexion

Age: 28 or 20

Occupation:  Farmer

Birth Place:  Killington or Killingsly, Windham Co., Conn.

Enlistment Date:  Apl 4 1814

Enlistment Place:  Addison or Bridport, Addison Co., Virginia

Enlisted By:  Lt. Myrick

Enlistment Period:  War

Remarks:  D.R. Burlington, Vt. May 31st 1814, M.R. June 30/14, present, Capt. Wm Millers Co. Book 1813 to 1815. Present Dec. 1814 – D.R. Feby 16, JR Burlington, Feby 28, April 30 M.R. June-1815. Present – Certif. dated Plattsburgh, June 15 1815 – Book 555 – Discharged at Plattsburgh or Champlain Station, June 15 1815, term expiered. – See Pension Case.

52:  Adams, Abner, Recruit

Organization:  Recruit; US Arty

Description:  5’10”

Age:  21

Occupation:  ?

Birth Place:  Pepperell Mass, Middlesex Co.

Enlistment Date:  Jun 14 1814

Enlistment Place:  Groton Mass

Enlisted By:  Lt. Hobart

Remarks:  R.R. June  – 1814 –

53:  Adams, Abraham or Abram, Private

Organization:  5 US Regt

Description:  6’2”; blue eyes; dark hair;  fair complexion

Age:  22

Occupation:  Farmer or Carpenter

Birth Place:  Cheraw S.C. Dist

Enlistment Date:  Jul 8 1814

Enlistment Place:  Lancaster S.C.

Enlisted By:  Capt. R. Campbell

Enlistment Period:  5 years

Remarks:  R.R. July 30th 1814 – I.R. Capt. R. Campbell’s Co. Washington City, Feby 11/15, Absent at Bottom Bridge, Va – D.R. & I.R. Capt. Benj. Birdsall’s Co. Belle Fontaine, Dec. 30th 1815, I.R. Feby 29, April 30, June 30, Aug. 31, I.R. & S.A.M.R.. Dec. 31st 1817, & I.R. Feby 28 & April 30th. On command at Belle Fontaine – I.R. & S.A.M.R. Belle Fontaine, Mo. June 30th 1818, Present – sick in [gas] – I.R. Capt. J. McGunnigle’s Co. Aug. 31st 1818, Preseent – I.R. Oct. 31 & Dec. 31st 1818, On furlough – S.A.M.R. Capt. L. Gantt’s Co. Dec. 31st 1818, I.R. Feby 28 & April 20/19. On furlough – Mo. Ret. July 1819, Discharged, July 8th 1819. – Discharged at Franklin, Mo. [Ty], July 3/19, to take effect July 8/19, term expired – See Pension Case.

54:  Adams, Alanson, Private

Organization: 11th US Infy; Cols. Campbell, E.W. Ripley & Moody Bedel

Description:  5’11”;  blue eyes; brown hair; light complexion

Age:  21

Occupation:  Farmer

Birth Place:  Pittsfield Mass.

Enlistment Date:  Jany 28 1813

Enlistment Place:  Burlington Vt.

Enlisted By:  Capt. V.R. Goodrich

Enlistment Period:  Jany 27 1818

Remarks:  Capt. Sam’l Gordon’s Co Book 1813, Mustered in Co. from Lt. V.R. Goodrich’s Co. June 30/13 – M.R. Capt. V.R. Goodrich’s Co. Dec. 30th 1813, Feby 28 & S.A.M.R. June 30/14. Present – M.R. Aug. 30th 1814. In Gen’l Hosp’l, wounded July 25 or 26th 1814 – I.R. Capt. Jno. Bliss’ Co. Sackett’s Harbor, Nov. 1814, I.R. & M.R. Dec. 31st 1814, D.R. Feby 16, I.R. & M.R. Feby 28, & May 15th 1815. Joined Oct. 26th 1814, by consolidation & absent in Hosp’l at Williamsville or Greenbush – I.R. Lt. H. DeWitt’s Co. 6th U.S. Infy, Sackett’s Harbor, June – 1815. Dropped May 11th 1815 – Book 518 – Discharged at Greenbush, March 30th 1815, of wounds – wounded in right knee, at Bridgewater, July 25th 1814 – 11th U.S. Infy was made 6th after May 17th 1815.

54/2:  Adams, Alexander, Private

Organization:  24th US Infy

Enlistment Date:  July 28/12

Enlistment Period:  5 years

Remarks:  M.R. Dec. 31/13, Left sick at Buffalo, since Nov. 30/13 – Died sometime in Dec. 1813 – See Pension Case.

55:  Adams, Alex’r, Private

Organization:  26th US Infy; Capt. Swearingen

Enlistment Date:  July 13 1813

Enlistment Period:  1 year

Remarks:  S.A.M.R. Sackett’s Harbor, Dec. 31st 1813, Present – sick – S.A.M.R. Capt. Kinney’s Co. 25th Infy June 30/14, J’d Feby 28/14, Remarks:  from Capt. Swearingen’s Co. 26th Infy. Discharged June 20/14. Co. Book 1812 to 1814, Died Dec. [5]th 1812.

56:  Adams, Amajiah, Private

Organization: 9th US Infy; Capt. Chester Lyman

57:  Adams, Amos, Private

Organization:  [8th] US Infy; Col. P. Jack

Description:  5’11 ½”; black eyes; black hair; dark complexion

Age:  20

Occupation:  Farmer

Birth Place:  Briar Creek, S.C.

Enlistment Date:  Nov. 22 or 26 1813

Enlistment Place:  Georgia

Enlisted By:  Lt. Gresham

Enlistment Period:  Nov 2[0] 1818

Remarks:  M.R. Jany 31st 1814 Present – I.R. Capt. F.B. Warlay’s Co. Camp Huger, Ga. Nov. 30th 1814, Absent at Savannah sick since Oct. 25th 1814 – I.R. Camp Flournoy, Ga. Jany 10, D.R. Feby 16 & I.R. Camp Flournoy, Ga. Feby 28th 1815. Present – D.R. Lt. J.H. Mallory’s Co. 7th US. Infy Nov. 30th 1815, Present – I.R. & S.A.M.R. Capt. R.H. Bell’s Co., Ft. Hawkins, Ga. Dec. 31st 1815, I.R. Feby 29 & I.R. & S.A.M.R. June 30th 1816. Present – I.R. Capt. J.F. Corbaley’s Co. Ft. Crawford, Aug. 31. Oct. 31, I.R. & S.A.M.R. Dec. 31st 1816, I.R. Feby 28, April 30, I.R. & S.A.M.R. June 30, & I.R. Sept. 1st 1817. Present – I.R. Ft. Scott, Ga. Feby 28th 1818. On command – Orders dated Fort Gadsden, July 3rd 1818. Transferred from 5th to 3rd Co. – I.R. Capt. J. S. Allison’s Co. Ft St Marks, Aug. 31st 1818. Joined by transfer from 5th Co. & on command at Fort Gadsden – I.R. Ft Hawkins, [???] Oct. 31st 1818, Rect’g – I.R., S.A.M.R. & Mo. Ret. Ft St Marks, E. Fla. Dec. 31st 1818. Discharged, Nov. 21st 1818, term expired – 5th US Infy was made 4th after May 17th 1815. – Discharged from Capt Jno. R. Corbaley’s Co. at Fort Hawkins, Nov. 22nd 1818, term expired – See Pension Case.

58:  Addison, Allen B. or Alex B., Ensign

Organization:  [15th] US Infy; Col. Richard Dennis

Remarks:  Mo. Rets. Ft Johnson, SC, April 8, May & June 1814, at Fort Johnson, S.C. on duty, not properly attached to any company – I.R. Capt. Wm A. Remarks:  Blount’s Co. Ft Johnson, SC., Aug. 31, R.R. Sept, Oct 23, I.R. Oct. 31, R.R. & I.R. Dec. 31st 1814 & Roll Jany 22nd 1815. Joined from late Capt. Robeson’s Co. at Ft Johnson – Recruiting in S.C. since Aug. 21st 1814 – I.R. Ft Johnson, S.C. March 28th, & I.R. Capt. Wm Tisdale’s Co. May 1st 1815. Present – I.R. Capt. Wm O. Taylor’s Co. June 30th 1815, Discharged, June 30th 1815 – Borne as 3-Lieut. Aug. 31st 1814 & 2nd Lieut. from Sept. 1814.

59:  Aggus, Abner (Argus, Aggust), Private

Organization:  2nd US Infy; Capt. Robert Purdy

Enlistment Date:  Apl 22 1805

Enlisted By:  Capt. Hooks

Remarks:  Co. Book 1805 to 1807. Present at Pittsburgh, April, 25th 1805 – Capt. Jno. Campbell’s Co. Book. Joined Co. Sept. 24th Remarks:  1805. – Present at Fort Adams, Nov. 8th 1805 & April 24th 1806 – at Natchitoches, Oct. 16th 1806, at New Orleans, Dec. 2[0]th 1806 & April 2nd 1807 – Drummer – Deserted from Mississippi, June 7th 1807 – Tried by Ct Me at N. O. in Capt. Nicholas’ Co. 7th U.S. Infy May 27th 1813. Selling whiskey…


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